Revista Brasileira de Música (Brazilian Journal of Music) was groundbreaking in its day. Founded in 1934, it was the first journal of musicology in our country. The idea of a scientific periodical dedicated to music was a natural consequence of the Instituto Nacional de Música (National Institute of Music), which was instituted, at that time, in the building as the first public university in Brazil, named Universidade do Rio de Janeiro (University of Rio de Janeiro), which was founded on September 7, 1920. Preserving all its historical characteristics as a school of music, the Instituto Nacional de Música (INM) made the culture of newer fields of knowledge of music possible, especially after the end of the República Velha (1889-1930) and the modernizing transformations caused by the new political order and the Revolution of 1930 in Brazil.

The decree nº 19.852, dated April 11, 1931, by Francisco Campos, a minister then, brought in university reform. In INM, the curricular reform was elaborated by a commission composed of Luciano Gallet, Sá Pereira and Mário de Andrade. Among the innumerable proposals made, there was the implementation of new disciplines like History of Music and National Folklore. With this, the seeds for the Revista Brasileira de Música (RBM) were also planted.

In March 1934, the first issue of the journal was published, edited by the musicologist Luiz Heitor Correa de Azevedo. In his presentation, as a director then, the pianist Guilherme Fontainha said: “INM lacks a publishing organization where students can follow all the steps of the musical progress”. As for contributing writers, there were the names like Ayres de Andrade, Francisco Mignone, Sá Pereira and Mário de Andrade.

Until 1945, the RBM had been published uninterruptedly, with twenty five numbers in ten volumes. Curiously enough, the journal stopped being active in 1946, after the re-democratization of Brazil and the
end of the Getúlio Vargas dictatorship. This silence continued for thirty seven years.

In 1980, the School of Music at UFRJ launched its first Graduate Program and resumed the publication of the journal, but as an annual number. Its regularity, however, always depended on the interests of its chief editor, who was responsible for it: the director of the School of Music. The last issue came out in 2002, under the management of prof. João Guilherme Ripper.

We are happy to bring to your attention yet another RBM publication. As a proposal from the board of directors and a decision of the congregation of the School of Music, the Graduate Program is in charge of this journal. Given the need for a periodical, we ask: why should we start a new one and give up the historical Revista Brasileira de Música? The RBM is part of the history of the School of Music and will certainly be essential for the edification of its future. May it live long and prosper.